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Chapter Summary: Book Two - Biography of Unas 
15 Chapters
Dedicated to "today"


A more detailed consideration of the lost science which the author calls the Z R science.

Including a description of the human being according to the Z R science.

An analysis of matter and the measurement of matter.

A consideration of the cosmic gamut: movement in the three gamuts (cosmic, extracosmic and human); a definition of “space.”

A definition of the living state and death, atoms, light, periodic motion.

A description of the cosmic progression of periodic patterns of periodic movement.

A discussion of radioactivity, mesons and electrons, protons, neutrons and neutrinos.

A discussion of mutations as related to the human psyche.

A discussion of the potential of the human mutation based on a translation of the so-called “Book of the Dead.” The author translates this as the “Book of the allerance of the living psyche.”

A discussion of the nature of the human psyche, its relation to the human neohomozoan brain.

The area of the human brain which is responsible for the genesis, emission and functioning of the human psyche.

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