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Chapter Summary: Book Three - The Piedmont Epic
18 chapters proposed, 6 chapters completed
Dedicated to "tomorrow"

Reviews of history of Christianity.

Relative to cosmogenesis – reviews the formation of atomic nuclei in the cosmic gamut, the formation of molecules, formation of the pre-protoplasmic condition, formation of trivalent atomic carbon, formation of molecular nitrogen, formation of protoplasm, formation of the homozoan plasmodium, formation of human mesons.


Proposed chapters:

Protoplasmic morphosis to the formation of the archicephalon.

Meaning of sexual reproduction.

Detailed discussion of various parts of the human brain:

    Rhinenprosencephalon – end organ of rhinenprosencephalon

    Thalamanprosencephalon – end organ of thalamanprosencephalon

    Upoprosencephalon – end organ of upoprosencephalon

Neohomozoan epiphyseal complex – Historical structure of the neohomozoan epiphyseal complex (original research of author).

Functioning of the neohomozoan epiphyseal complex.

Modern American psychology.

Two possibilities for the human phylum – progressive evolution or retrogressive devolution, illustrated in Two Portraits, a series of original drawings by author

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